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A passionate engagement with performance has led Amanda into the seemingly disparate worlds of theatre creation and academia. She has directed shows for live theatre such as the Masks of Oscar Wilde in the 2014 Vancouver Fringe and Waterfront: The Blessing for the SummerWorks Festival in Toronto. She has published her academic work in theatre journals and holds a BA in Drama and English Literature and an MA in Theatre History and Criticism from UBC. She has trained with Anne Bogart and SITI Company, and is currently enjoying on-camera classes at Haven with Ben Ratner.

Amanda held a one-year faculty position in the theatre department at the University of Toronto, Scarborough (UTSC) before moving back to Vancouver and committing her efforts toward her acting career. Since she has been home, she has worked on a number of short films and teaches Speech and Drama to children aged 3 - 18. She is dedicated to a world of imagination and storytelling because dreams really do come true.